Create GPS mapping software with just a few lines of code!

The GPS DLL is a standard Windows 32 bits DLL that allows a Visual Basic program to receive and decode NMEA sentences from a GPS receiver. You can get the Latitude, Longitude, Speed, Heading, Altitude etc... Save yourself many hours of programming time! Read more...








GPS to EXCEL Server Edition
Input realtime Gps data directly into Excel with your Android smartphone.







Satellite Tracking DLL
Develop satellite tracking applications with your own look and feel?

Program satellite tracking programs with a few lines of code, and release commercially.



GPS to EXCEL -Serial port version-
Input realtime GPS data directly into Excel.

If you've got a GPS device and Excel installed onto your computer, then this might be a solution for you! No more importing or converting, but realtime data logging to Excel. Read more...







Weather Decoder, Synop AAXX Decoder
Creates automatically thousands of weather reports.

A Windows based program, capable of plotting all kind of weather info.

Update Soon.








GPS Direction Finder
(Palm OS)
Realtime position indication for your palm device.

GPS Direction Finder is capable to guide you real-time to your point of destination. You will only need to enter the geographical coordinates. GPS Direction Finder is very accurate, it will give you a constant distance and time reading to your point of destination. It will also show you an instrument panel with a needle. This needle is constantly pointing to your (you guessed it...) point of destination. The main advantage of GPS Direction Finder is, that you don't need any maps, only the coordinates of your point of destination! Read more... (freeware)







Navigation Wonder
A Windows based GPS mapping program.

Navigation Wonder is a Windows based GPS Navigation program. It allows you to navigate in realtime, and is able to pinpoint your position in realtime on any digital map. Use your own maps, for example from the Internet, scan your own paper maps and charts, Roadmaps, Cityplan, Capture maps from Routeplanners, Aviationmaps etc... However, a GPS-Receiver has to be connected to the serial port of your Laptop / PC. Read more...


Loccontrol for the Intellibox

Controlling the intellibox.

Control your digital locomotives
with Loc Control for the Intellibox. version 1.0b
read more... (freeware)




3D Virtual Box Creator
Create greatlooking boxshots.


Realtime 3D Box shot generator.
Create goodlooking 3D virtual covers fast!
Easy-to-use interface.
6 different virtual covers to select.
Save screenshot as JPG or BMP file.