Gps to Excel Server Edition (Windows)

Q: Which applications should I install in order to make it work?
A: Two applications and a little PHP script:
1. Gps to Excel Server edition (on your Windows computer)
2. GpsToServer (on your Android device)
3. A little PHP script: receive.php (on your server/website)

Click here for Setup instructions

What is the reason it does not save my settings?
A: You need to start with Administrator Privileges.

Gps DLL v.1.0.3 (Windows)

Nothing happens.. what should I check?

Are you sure that the serial port is working properly?
Have you selected the right commport?
Did you connect the GPS receiver the right way to the serial commport?
GPS Wiring instructions
Are you sure that your GPS receiver is transmitting data?
Your GPS should transmit NMEA sentences. ( please consult the manual of your GPS unit )