Satellite Tracking DLL v.1.0.4.
For Visual Basic

Create Satellite tracking software with a few lines of code.
The Satellite Tracking DLL is a standard Windows DLL. If you are programming in Visual Basic, and you want to program an advanced Satellite Tracking application, then you might want to consider using the Satellite Tracking DLL. The Satellite Tracking DLL is able to provide info for all the types of satellites, GPS satellites, Weather satellites, etc...

Royalty free!
Program it with your 100% own look and feel.
All the satellites simultaniously on the map.
Use your own maps (jpg, bmp), any size.
Load the satellite keppler data automatically into your program.
Create prediction tables for many days.
Activate the satellite footprint.
As a registered user you may use the included Visual Basic sample sourcecode for your
own applications (commercially )
A full-featured and very well documented satellite tracking program sample (written in Visual Basic + full source code) included.

Here's a screenshot of a VB program using the Sattrack Dll

And here's a screenshot of the prediction table (very fast, within a couple of seconds !